The Sustainable House of Don Juan and Doña Socorro

Don Juan and Doña Socorro: I met Don Juan and Doña Socorro in January 2012, during one of my PhD field trips to Mexico. Both were over 80 years old, and lived on the “Hill of the Mask”. They passed away few years ago. This text is a homage to their legacy.  This couple were the guardians of an archaeological site formed by stone-glyphs craved more than 1,000 years … Continue reading The Sustainable House of Don Juan and Doña Socorro

In Search of Eco-Storytellers

Seoul, South Korea. June 2019. Photo: Ernesto Valero Thomas

On certain occasions, words used in the mass media capture the spirit of the times. The term Eco-Anxiety is all over the news. It is treated as a raising psychological condition that is affecting the global population, particularly children and teens. While some people blame it on ecological alarmists and panic mongers, there are good … Continue reading In Search of Eco-Storytellers